Friends of Eton Wick School (FoEWS)

Friends of Eton Wick School (FoWES) is the name given to our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) here at Eton Wick First school. Every parent, guardian, teacher or carer of a child at our school is automatically a member of FoEWS. 

Why are we here?

As a registered charity, the aim of FoEWS is to raise funds to purchase items that would otherwise fall outside the school's budget. For example, the fundraising from 2017/2018 went towards the new IT provisions much needed by the school. For 2018/2019 the target is to fundraise for 13 new laptops which will provide the pupils now and in the future with much needed resources to enhance and add to the learning of ever an evolving IT world. 

FoEWS also provides an informal social network for pupils and parents, to offer children social experiences with their school friends. We are a friendly bunch - so if you want to get to know more parents within the school or add your own fundraising ideas, please do consider joining us!

How does it work?

FoEWS is currently run by a core of volunteers who regularly attend meetings and help organise events such as cake and book sales, the Summer Fair, school discos and of course the Christmas Fair. We have an elected committee of officers; however, everyone is free to contribute as little or as much as they like, as infrequently or as often as they like.

All input from non committee members is always very welcome (and appreciated!), no matter how small or irregular. Parents and carers are welcome to become involved with FoEWS either as part of the committee, on a more casual basis by helping at an event, or simply by contributing ideas and comments. 

Please feel to get in touch with us using the email address below:


Friends of Eton Wick School Governance

Charity Number - 309540

Friends team appointed at the AGM - September 2021:

Co-Chairs - Vacant

Vice Chair - Vacant

Treasurer - Vacant 

Secretary - Vacant

There is an AGM to elect in new vacant positions. If you are interested in becoming a new member of the committee, please email 


FoEWS Facebook Group

We have a very busy Facebook group, giving you instant access to school, FoEWS events and information as well as other local things of interest.




There is a notice board within the school reception area where all information regarding events and meetings is displayed. We also aim to have posters/notices out outside each class before larger events are happening. 



There is a quarterly newsletter sent out to update to celebrate the fundraising to date and then look at what’s coming up. Take a look at our latest newsletter here (pdf,850kb). 



We are always interested in any organisations that would be interested in becoming a FoEWS event sponsor. This could be by placing an advert, sponsoring an event, booking a pitch at a fair or even just by providing much needed equipment for events (food and drinks is always THE biggest cost to cover!) If you know of anyone who may be interested, please email