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School History

There has been a school on the current site of Sheepcote Road since 1888, previous to this there was a school room in the village where the children were educated. The land for the schoolsite was Crown Land given by Queen Victoria through her commissioners of the Treasury. The first Head Mistress at the new site was Miss Briggs serving up to 1890.

The children were taught in the building that is now the current dining hall and school kitchen. The site has had several extensions and new classrooms added. The first was in 1953 followed by additional classrooms built in 1957 and a larger extension comprising of a school hall, offices and extra classrooms in 1966. 

In the 1960’s, the PTA raised funds for an outdoor swimming pool and a pavilion comprising of boys and girls changing rooms and an additional classroom. The swimming pool was decommissioned in 1999 and the area was turned into an environmental area. The pavilion is still used as a classroom to this day.


In the 1970’s a new building was added to the site, this housed two upstairs classrooms and an arts and craft area for artwork, needlework, pottery and home economics downstairs. This building is now used as a Children’s Centre and the school library.

1993 saw the opening of a Nursery Class in the school; children were admitted the term after their fourth birthday. This later changed to a year earlier and we now admit children in the term after their third birthday. 

In September 1994 the school changed its status from a Combined to a First School and we continue to be a first school to the present day.

Eton Wick first headteacher
Historic class photo
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