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Shared Vision for Mathematics at Eton Wick: 

To make sense of the world around us, maths is a fundamental skill which is developed from an early age through a child’s ability to calculate, problem solve and reason mathematically. For this reason, we want all pupils at Eton Wick First School to have a maths curriculum that encompasses the three areas above and promotes maths as an enjoyable, fascinating subject that is crucial for life outside of the classroom.

At Eton Wick First School our maths curriculum aims to ensure: 

  • That everyone CAN do maths 

  • Our pupils understand that maths is an integral part of daily life. Pupils develop transferable skills which are vital to function as part of the wider world, as well as forming the foundations for many other concepts across the curriculum 

  • Learners are curious and encouraged to ask questions; making connections, spotting patterns and reasoning through exploratory learning opportunities 

  • That pupils are confident and resilient mathematicians who value mistakes and become well equipped to navigate their way through problems they encounter 

  • Pupils learn from each other through collaborative investigation and acquire well-developed vocabulary that underpins their understanding which results in a deep understanding that will stay with them for life. 

To gain a further understanding of how we teach mathematics at Eton Wick, please read our policy here

Progression Maps

Below, you will find progression maps for each mathematics area from Early Years up to Year 6. Although our classes only go up to Year 4, it is important to understand where the children need to get to in their journey of mathematics. 

Calculation Policy

Below, you will find our Calculation Policy. This goes through the stages of learning for each operation, and the concrete, pictorial and abstract approaches the children can use to solve problems.

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Year 1 - 4

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