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School Day & Term Times

Term dates for the 2022/23 and 2023/24 academic year

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The start of the school day

The school day begins at 8:45am, when all children are expected to be in class, ready for registration.  

The school gates open at 8:35, and children should be accompanied to the gate where they will be met by a member of staff. We cannot be responsible for children until they are safely handed over. 


Children in Early Years take part in Child Initiated Leaning throughout the morning, and have access to fruit or vegetables as part of the Government Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS) 


Children in years 1 to 4 have morning break at 10:45.

KS1 (year 1 and 2) have access to a piece of fruit as part of the Government Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS)

KS2 are welcome to bring in their own healthy snack. 


Lunchtime begins at 12:00 and ends at 12:55pm. 

The end of the school day

On Monday - Thursday, the school day ends at 3:30

On a Friday, the school day ends at 1pm. If required, optional extra curricular activities are available until 3:15.


Term Dates 2024_2025
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